Sugarcane Genomics Review

Posted on Mon 29 January 2018 in genomics • Tagged with plants, genomicsLeave a comment

I have recently started working on a sugarcane genome assembly project, so I figured I would share some interesting points from my literature review. Sugarcane is obviously a very economically important crop, having applications in both food and energy production. Despite this economic importance, genomic resources are lacking for sugarcane due to the complexity of the genomes of modern cultivars. Let's look into the specifics of why that is.

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Random Music With Python

Posted on Fri 12 August 2016 in python • Tagged with python, musicLeave a comment

At PyCon 2016 I attended a very interesting session entitled Learning Python Through Music: JythonMusic & Pyknon, presented by Ria Baldevia. The talk was a great introduction to some python APIs that allow for the creation of music using the python language. Here I will demonstrate how to use the pyknon library, and some of the fun things one can do taking a programmatic approach to creating music.

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